martedì 29 aprile 2008

gambero imperiale

It is the CV of a classic extremist: joined a neo-Fascist party as a youth; arrested for beating up a young leftist; arrested again for throwing a Molotov cocktail; eight months in jail on remand; acquitted on both charges; arrested for attacking police during a visit by President Bush Snr. Then abruptly in 1994 Gianni Alemanno and the rest of his party went straight, abjuring Mussolini, renouncing Fascism, and trying to rebrand the National Alliance as an ordinary European conservative party. Now Mr Alemanno is walking a tightrope: trying to persuade middle-of-the-road Romans he means no harm, while baring his xenophobic teeth to the neo-Fascist faithful. Complicating the picture is the fact he has been a practising Zen Buddhist for 15 years – and his meditation teacher is a card-carrying Communist. Which is why his calls for "inter-religious dialogue" may not be as empty as they sound.

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